Halloween – Time for spooky electronics

My “Introduction to Electronics” workshop gets a Halloween Themed make over for Johnson County Library’s Maker Space.


I put a lot of thought into the design of my kits so that the smallest hands can make them independently.  So I use a strong visual method in all my designs.

Here I am constructing the kits on my workbench in my home Maker Space.  Cutting wires to length, stripping wires, soldering boards and leads.

IMG_8987My basic LED Flasher circuit is adapted to blink the eyes of the pumpkin.  Other versions of this project include a railway crossing sign, Christmas ornament and Valentine card.

I cut out and paint the pumpkin shapes, but leave the final decoration to the kids.  The kids get to draw on the faces and no two ever turn out alike.  All my projects allow kids to put on their own personal touches.

IMG_8994On build days my manufacturing process spills out of my small home Maker Space.  But the extra space keeps things organized and the kits part count accurate.

Here I lay out parts for 12 kits all in a row so I can see whats next and if I missed anything.  This large table gets used for all my kit builds.

And here are the kits bagged individually to pass out IMG_8995 to the kids at the Maker Space workshop.

I plan to develop an instruction manual and packaging for this kit and make it available for sell.  As to date the project has been available only as a group workshop.