Webbed Toed Workshop

Bio: I am the Project Leader of the “Webbed Toed Workshop”. A Project which specializes in designing original Science & technology themed educational activity kits and workshops. Created in 2002, the Webbed Toed Workshop is a Project dedicated to encouraging kids to be innovative and creative, while teaching new skills and fundamental science concepts. This project originates from my childhood workshop, where I grew up designing and building, electronic gadgets, mechanical inventions and wooden projects. My first Workshops were offered at the Learning Disability Summer Camps, where we built Crystal Radios, Bug Boxes, and Birdhouses. But I soon realized that kids from all backgrounds would enjoy the workshops and I expanded into offering my projects to the Girl Guides and Boy Scout groups. Hundreds of kids have participated in my different Workshops over the years. And I am continually developing new projects and improving the older ones. Hobby woodworker, educator and life-long maker, I, conduct a series of maker activities including making tool boxes, bird houses, crystal radios, aprons, and other fun things for kids. These hands on activities encourages children 5 and up to learn new skills and get creative by building the projects themselves.

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